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History of Santuari de Lluc

13th century monastery

The Santuari de Santa Maria de Lluch

Escorca, Mallorca

The legend

It was said that on the 10th of August, 1894, Lluc, a Moorish pastor of the Christian faith, discovered a stone statue of the Virgin Mary in a creek. He brought the statue to the parish church of the Escorca village. But the Virgin disappeared and was found again in Lluc where it was discovered. Due to the miracle, it was crowned as Queen and Patron of Mallorca by the express concession of Pope Leon the 13th. The villagers decided to construct a chapel in her honour in the highly-cherished natural setting. This area is now known as the Santuari de Santa Maria de Lluc.

The history

The first Christian chapel was built as a small shelter following the appearance of the image in the 13th century. In 1622, the first stone was laid for what would later become the current basilica. In 1456, the Collegiata del Santuari de Lluc was established, recognized for its blue flowers. These minions of the choir sang to Our Lady of Lluc in the name of the Mallorcan people daily. The first porch was built with the permission of the Commander of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem in 1317 and there were no rooms until the 20th century, at most small rooms so that the pilgrim women could hide in a corner. The museum was set up by the missionaries contributing their private collections, and until the middle of the 20th century there was no town hall, the meetings of the prohoms of the term were held in the prior's cell. The Sanctuary of Lluc has always been considered a unique and essential place in Mallorca. A space of faith, culture and nature where each person finds what they need. That's why this house of ours has become yours.