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Escorca is “one of the most emblematic regions in the mountains of Mallorca”, and one of the largest by area, but with the smallest population. For centuries the Virgin was the “Queen of the mountains of Lluc” until the confiscation of Church goods in 1867. Coming to this privileged area of Mallorca , allows visitors to disconnect from stress and daily routine. Here, one can feel in harmony with the environment, and soak up the scents and sensations of the surrounding mountains.

In the Santuari Hospedería de Lluc you will find various activities that will allow you to enjoy your visit , either individually, with family or friends. The good times that you are longing for start in LLuc… Discover the experiences that await you!

Naturalist Garden


Unique ways of life in Mallorca


Passing through the archway at the side of Ses Mides at about 70 metres from the Plaza of the Pilgrims you will find a bridge leading towards the interior of the Sanctuary. Here you will find a sign pointing to the Naturalist Garden. The garden was first laid out in 1956 when it was reserved for the use of the religious community and was made up of indigenous plants.

Due to the demand from visitors, between 1993 and 2001 Brother Macià Ripoll expanded and redesigned the garden, helped by some former blauets and friends of the Sanctuary. Currently there are examples of around 200 plants from the Balearics, and wherever possible, wild plants are shown in a natural setting. There is also an area dedicated to aromatic and medicinal plants from Mallorca and a display of the most ancient varieties of fruit trees from the island, especially those found in the great estates (possesions) of the mountains.

A recent addition is the Arboretum, dedicated to trees and bushes from the Iberian Peninsula and other countries, where a monument was erected in 2009 to Fr Francesc Bonafé, MSSCC, botanist, poet and a great friend of Lluc.

Visiting times: 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00. Entrance is free, with a voluntary contribution to the upkeep.

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Discover and enjoy our natural environment


Close to the Sanctuary you will find some of the best know peaks on the island such as the Puig de Massanella, the Puig de Tomir, the Puig d’en Galileu and the Puig Roig, all of which will delight those who love heights.

There are also a number of caves and torrents (dry river beds) nearby including the well know Torrent de Parais and the Torrent de Mortitx. Another enjoyable way to explore the surroundings is by following one of the old pilgrim trails that link Lluc with Inca and Pollensa.

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Night Sky in LLuc


Watching the night sky is an impossible task in urban areas, where environmental and light pollution hide the stars from our view. So coming to Lluc and contemplating the starry sky in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana, feeling the silence and peace that reigns in the environment, is a privilege.

Stargazing has always been an invitation to reflect on our position in the Universe, to relativize the time and space in which we live, and it is also a way to promote creativity and the capacity for inspiration. What more could one desire?

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Live intensely Lluc on 2 wheels


The orographic characteristics and the great beauty of the surroundings of LLuc make it a perfect environment for cycling. Among the various routes that can be done by bike, the following stand out:


Puerto Pollensa · Pollensa · Santuari de Lluc


It consists of traveling the Ma-2200 from Puerto Pollensa until you reach Pollensa, and at the roundabout you take the first exit towards Sóller-Lluc on the Ma-10. Follow the mountain road for 20 km until you reach our Sanctuary.

Cyclotourism lluc

Lluc · Valldemossa through the Coll de Sóller


It is one of the recently named Protected Cycling Routes, distinguished in this way so that cyclists can enjoy these routes in a safer way. The aim of this distinction is to increase road safety for all users, make the road a place of coexistence, and strengthen a good road culture, a common space in which everyone has their space.

valldemossa coll de soller

Inca · Selva · Caimari · Coll de sa Batalla · Lluc · Pollença · Campanet · Inca


This is a route that includes one of the must-sees for any cycling lover, such as the Coll de sa Batalla inCaimari.

Cyclotourism lluc

Escolanía de Lluc

A unique centre in Mallorca. Humanism of Christian inspiration is the expression that best defines the identity of our school.

Quality education.