Lluc is the "ancestral home" of the Mallorcans: "and whose heart does not find warmth at their mother's house?" (M. Costa i Llobera). "You are mother to a people who cling to you like ivy to an ancient trunk." (M. dels Sants Oliver).

At Lluc we seek to offer, above all, an atmosphere of spiritual renovation where the Word of God can be heard. "Because at Lluc hope is reborn and faith shines brighter than ever there". (T. Aguiló). "Lluc is the house of prayer: fortunate is he who worships there!" (M. Costa i Llobera).

We also offer a House of Spirituality and Retreat and a prayer corner (either within the chapel of the Mother of God, or from a distance).

Lluc Sanctuary
Plaça dels Peregrins, 1 - 07315 Escorca - Mallorca - Illes Balears
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