Lluc Sanctuary

WELCOME TO YOUR HOME AT LLUC! You have come to Lluc the sacred forest of Prehistory and the first Sanctuary on the island that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, dating back to the 13th Century.

Here the faithful will rediscovery the distinctive identity of our local Church, whilst non-believers can find the origins of the Mallorcan people, because Lluc is more than a sanctuary, it is a secular national symbol. For visitors from overseas we offer an alternative to the typical days on the beach and nights spent partying. Our accommodation IS an unexpected oasis of tranquillity, of spirituality (the religious celebrations and choir), of artistic heritage (the Museum), of unspoilt countryside (the Tramuntana mountains and the Botanic Garden), and of Mallorcan cuisine (in our restaurants).


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What's on today in Lluc

    • 11:30h. Gent Gran de Son Ferriol, grup d'uns 150 feligresos.
    • 12:45h. Missa.
    • 13:15h. Cant de la "Salve" per l'Escolania.
Lluc Sanctuary
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